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Dear Sirs,


Wanted to let you know of the prompt service I received from your company. I own a BodyBilt chair and the two halves of one wheel fell off. I wrote to the address on the bottom sticker, listing the part number and the problem. Within a very short time a new wheel was sent to me.


The BodyBilt seat pan's pressure distribution characteristics are impressive. In an assessment of seat pans used while performing standard office tasks, the BodyBilt seat pan exceeded their competitor's performance in both subjective and objective measures.


Sharon J., Ph.D.


Director of Research

Dear Sir:


I know you would appreciate a compliment on your employees and your product.

At the recommendation of The Egoscue Method clinic in San Diego I recently purchased an ErgoGenesis chair. I am extremely pleased with the chair. The thoracic S'port Ridge and lumbar support alone are worth the price of the entire product. It is a dramatic improvement over anything I have previously owned.


Thank You!




Thanks for your excellent service and products. I'm very pleased to have my chair functioning again.


Your attention to and care for customer satisfaction is as unusual as it is welcome.


I'll be glad to recommend you and BodyBilt chairs.



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