Ergonomic Studies

From studies that illustrate the differences between different seat styles and foam types, to the evaluation of pressure distribution characteristics, there is a wealth of data and interpretation available to you in these pages.


IRS Productivity Study
IRS Productivity Study

An independent IRS study confirms that worker productivity decreases significantly as the workday progresses; ergonomic seating can have a measureable impact on productivity; and BodyBilt chairs may reduce sick leave.

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Additional Literature

Here you will find more detailed information regarding specific BodyBilt products and solutions: for 24/7 work environments, arm selection and special seating for big & tall customers. Plus much more.


Bioflex Hybrid Foam
Bioflex Hybrid Foam

Not only does this product provide a more supportive, resilient and comfortable cushion in BodyBilt chairs, it is more earth-friendly using far less non-renewable material than conventional foams.

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Every last spec

The specifications of many BodyBilt products can be found right here. If you can’t find a product that meets your precise needs, then we’ll customize one for you.


Sola, Model R2607
Sola, Model R2607

The Sola offers the breathability of a mesh back, along with the ergonomic contour and comfort of the incomparable BodyBilt seatpan. Also, the Sola has an adjustable, integrated lumbar support that may be set at any of 8 positions.

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News Releases

New developments and ergonomic breakthroughs are happening all the time. And when they do, we will let you know about it.


The Perfect Placement Document Guide

Our Guide sit-stand document holder easily attaches to your existing monitor arm using a VESA mount. It accommodates documents of varying sizes, and its position is adjustable without the use of tools. Adjustable workstations open a world of comfort and productivity for workers.

Ergonomics and Your Productivity

You might be surprised at how some small posture adjustments can make a big impact on your employees’ productivity.

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