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"Tailor your solution to the needs of your workplace."

Partnering With An Industry Leader

Employee RecoveryFor more than 20 years, BodyBilt chairs have been custom-made with your most valuable asset in mind - your employee. Now more than ever, a reasonable accommodation program can help ensure a speedy recovery and return to full productivity for those employees who need such consideration. 

ErgoGenesis leads the way in offering solutions to large and small companies who recognize that a comprehensive Employee Recovery Program can reduce costs and minimize productivity losses.



Specialty Arms 

BodyBilt is known for its specialty arms that address the challenges of a special needs individual. 

S'port Pivot Arm
s'port pivot arms with a 12" pad 

S-port Pivot Arm

The S'port arm pad is longer (12") and wider than the standard pad. It makes a great full-forearm support for keyboard tasks. The S'port pad adjusts 3-ways as the Versitask support provides.Upholstered in black, washable Finesse® fabric.


 Versitask Pivot Arm 
standard versitask pivot arms with a 10" pad 

WitVersitask Pivot Armh a very soft, wide arm pad, this versatile arm support can be retrofitted with over one-dozen special application arm pads. The pivot beneath the pad allows the user to position the arm pad tight against the body.


  Linear Tracking Arm 

LTA – Linear Tracking Arm
maximal support with nearly effortless motion 

Linear Tracking Arm

This uniquely dynamic arm provides constant support from keyboard to mouse, throughout the day. The LTA tracks forward and rotates 360° at two pivot points. The cuff sustains a comfortable fit and ensures proper tracking as your forearm moves. 


 Mini-S'port Pivot Arm 
T4L/T4R - mini s'port pivot arms with a 7" pad 

Mini S-port Pivot Arm

The Mini S'port pad (7") is upholstered in black, washable Finesse® fabric and combined with the Pivot! mechanism. It adjusts 3-ways and adds a horizontal 2" radius axis of adjustment to bring pads closer to the torso.


 S'port Ridge SR
Thoracic Support Vertical foam ridge middle and upper back support 



Air Lumbar
Healthy seated posture lower back support pump



 S'port Foam Cutaway - memory foam for added softness


 Fore-Aft Neckroll - Dual pivot allows for unlimited positions


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