BodyBilt products are purpose built, and often custom built. Here you can learn more about the science and research that goes into the design of each and every component.

Pressure Mapping
Pressure Mapping

Utilizing pressure-sensitive mats that measure the distribution of pressure to a seating device by the lower back as well as the glutes, chairs can be designed to provide the most comfort and benefit to a wide range of users.
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Product Videos

BodyBilt provides videos that help you determine the best chair and workstation accessories for your occupation, but also visual instruction on how to work the various adjustment devices on each and every chair we sell.

Ergonomic Chair
Adjust your ergonomic chair

The world’s most ergonomic chairs provide multiple points of adjustability so that you can configure your chair to support your body perfectly. These videos will demonstrate what you can adjust and how to do it.
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Additional Resources

The study of ergonomics is a fascinating arena. We understand that not everyone shares our intense interest in the science, but good literature and useful video instruction does exist and can help you recognize opportunities to make even small improvements that can make you, your coworkers or employees much more comfortable and productive. Some of that good material can be found right here.
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OSHA Ergonomic Tips
OSHA Ergonomic Tips

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration offers a wealth of unbiased tips and advice on anything and everything related to the office workstation. Everything you ever wanted to know about positions, process, components and environments is right here.

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