ergo seating

BodyBilt Intense Use chairs and stools are designed for users in 24 hour multi-shift workplaces. These chairs are specifically engineered with a steel plate, a reinforced mechanism, and high-density foam to withstand the rigors of 24/7 applications. Our products provide greater support and comfort to minimize leg, back and neck pain associated with requirements of a 24/7 work environment.


The I-Series chairs have the following standard features:

• 18.5" x 18.5" (700 series) or 22" long x 21.5" wide (2500/3500 series) backrest
• Simultaneous Seat Tilt and Backrest angle adjustment
• Backrest height adjustment (4" height range)
• Armrest height, and angle adjustment
• Armrest width adjustment (4" height range)
• Black non-upholstered arm pads
• Seat Slider adjustment (2.0" range)
• Seat height adjustment (5.5" height range)
• Swivel (360º range)
• I-style adjustment mechanism
(seat pivots from the center of the mechanism)
• Black 27" core diameter five star base
• Hooded carpet casters
• Steel-reinforced seat structure (moderate contour)
• Neckroll Height Adjustment (4" range; 3500 Series model only)
*Users 5'6" and under should use the optional short height cylinder (Y2


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