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Dear Sir:


I know you would appreciate a compliment on your employees and your product.

At the recommendation of The Egoscue Method clinic in San Diego I recently purchased an ErgoGenesis chair. I am extremely pleased with the chair. The thoracic S'port Ridge and lumbar support alone are worth the price of the entire product. It is a dramatic improvement over anything I have previously owned.


I had the pleasure of dealing with three of your outstanding employees - Andy H., Mary J. and Phil S. All three went the extra mile in order to provide me with a very high level of service.


Andy altered his schedule to come to the Egoscue Method clinic on short notice in order to accommodate my schedule.  He spent significant time with me to ensure that the various alternatives on the chair would meet my specific needs.


Mary  assisted me by coordinating the UPS delivery after there had been some difficulties. When I later had questions regarding the adjustment of the chair, Mary made arrangements for Phil to visit my location to provide assistance.


Phil spent significant time with me evaluating my workstation and specific use of the chair. He made critical adjustments to the chair and significant changes to my workstation. This resulted in a dramatically improved work environment.


I greatly appreciate the quality product and service I have received from ErgoGenesis.




Steve M.

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