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To Whom It May Concern,


This letter is to attest to my experience with the BodyBilt product and organization.


During the middle of December I ordered a 3000 Series Management Chair with neckroll, in navy blue leather, including a number of options.


During the course of following up on the delivery date, I had the occasion to talk to Ms. Mary Jones in the Customer Service Department. I found Mary to be very helpful, personable, knowledgeable and timely in following up by returning my phone calls.


After receiving the chair Mr. Ben R., Territory Sales Manager, visited my office several times to make modifications and adjustments to the chair so that it would suit my specific needs. Ben was very helpful, knowledgeable and skillful in making appropriate adjustments to the chair. As a result the chair is now the most comfortable chair I ever sat in, whether it is used while working with my computers ( at different heights), writing at my desk, reading, or teleconferencing.


I am very pleased to give a high recommendation for the comfort and quality of the BodyBilt chair and the fine treatment I received from the Company's personnel.




Bill S.


Account Manager

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